Friday, August 17, 2012

Adrian Wilson Shows His Leadership

Former Wolfpack football player and current Arizona Cardinal starting strong safety Adrian Wilson has signed a two year contract extension while also helping the team’s salary cap. He is now under contract through the 2015 season, but is due to make $10 million less in salary over the next two years. He can recoup some of that if he plays at a Pro Bowl level. The new contract has 6.5 million in guaranteed money, a 250,000 workout bonus, 500,000 bonus for each year he makes the Pro Bowl, in 2014 there is a 1 million dollar roster bonus, and in 2015 500,000 dollar escalator clause.  Wilson’s salary-cap figures are 3.425 million in 2012, 5.425 million in 2013, 4.625 million in 2014 and 4.625 million in 2015.
Rick Scuteri, AP

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